Support Group Leaders

PSN Supports Support Group Leaders

PSN organizes several Parkinsons’ support group leaders gatherings each year. Representatives from all around Northern Virginia (as far away as Winchester!) gather together to connect with each other and discuss some of the challenges they are dealing with.

We’ve learned that they represent a variety of groups including mixed (people living with Parkinson’s, carepartners, families and friends), caregivers only, caregivers of people living with Lewy Body Dementia (the only one in Northern Virginia) and women with Parkinson’s (one so for but working on more!). There is a need for a group for people with young onset Parkinson’s.

All groups meet once a month although some have additional social events. Some groups only offer peer support – with no speakers – while others offer a combination of peer support and speakers. A couple of the groups have guidelines or rules of etiquette that are reviewed regularly with members, while others are more casual.

Are you interested in starting a support group or helping out with one near you? Please contact us and let us know how we can help you. Click here to go to our Support Groups page.

October 2018 support group leader gathering

Volunteer support group leaders at our October 2018 gathering

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