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Living Stories, Colourful Lives

In September 2017, while I was in Adelaide, South Australia visiting my mum, I attended Living Stories, Colorful Lives, an exhibit showcasing the art, photography and creative writing from people living with Parkinson’s or another movement disorder, organized by Parkinsons SA.

The exhibit featured the work of 33 people from around the state with many taking up their art form after they were diagnosed, and some adapting their styles to accommodate their symptoms. Artists participate in a weekly Brushlines Art Group, a monthly Parkinson’s SA Photography Group, and/or instruction with a creative writing instructor.

My photography skills need work, but here are some photos I took of the exhibit. Last year, at the World Parkinson Congress 2016, we learned that Parkinson’s brings out the creativity in people, although there didn’t seem to be a reason why. If this exhibit is any indication, it certainly is true!


You can click on each picture to open it in a new tab and see a larger version.









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