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Out & About with Parkinson’s
Click here to subscribe to Out & About with Parkinson’s to learn about events organized by Parkinson Social Network, community events in Northern Virginia and elsewhere, as well as webinars and podcasts about Parkinson’s and other topics to help you live well. If you’d like to check out previous issues, you can click here to view our archive.

Loudoun Senior Interest Network (LSIN) – April 2019
Click here to watch the presentation Sonia Gow gave to long term care professionals about Understanding Life with Parkinson’s. We’re working on training professional caregivers so they can provide a higher level of care for our friends with Parkinson’s. The Loudoun Senior Interest Network is a network of elder care professionals, business owners, volunteers and other community members who want to work together to help seniors in Loudoun County. Click here for more info about LSIN.

Fairfax 50+ podcast for Parkinson’s Awareness Month – April 2019
Fairfax 50+ podcast host Jim Person, and Sonia Gow talk about Parkinson’s, and what PSN is doing to raise awareness this month.
Once again, our thanks to Grace Lynch, Manager, Communications and Community Outreach, Division of Adult and Aging Services for arranging this podcast for us!
Click here to tune in.

Golden Gazette – December 2018 issue
You’ll find an article about our Parkinson Social Network on page 9! Click here to read it online.

Tune in to Hear Parkinson Social Network / Fairfax 50+ podcast! – November 2018
Sonia Gow and Carol Barrett discuss what caregivers need to know about the disease, including how to find services. They also discuss the unique role the Parkinson Social Network plays in helping people with the diagnosis, and caregivers cope and support each other. Our thanks to Grace Lynch, Manager, Communications and Community Outreach, Division of Adult and Aging Services for arranging this podcast for us!
Tune in at Fairfax 50+ Podcast.

The Zebra – November 2018 issue
You’ll find an article entitled “Alexandria Gets Two New Parkinson’s Support Groups” on page 59. Click here to read it online.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Parkinson’s Newsletter – November 22, 2018 issue
The Parkinson Social Network (PSN) in Northern Virginia
The Parkinson Social Network (PSN) is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Fairfax, VA. Their motto, “Helping to empower each other to make the most of life with Parkinson’s,” says it all!

PSN’s website is chock-full of helpful information. For example, check out their Gadgets & Gizmos (which includes our very-own-Vickie’s suggestion of putting rubber bands around drinking glasses to make them non-slip!) and tips for Traveling with Parkinson’s.

In addition to providing great info via their website, PSN offers social events and participates in outreach events. If you’d like to sign up for PSN’s weekly e-newsletter, click here. Most events posted are in Virginia, but might give you some great ideas that you can put into play in your own community!

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