Parkinson Awareness Month 2017 outreach material

Below you’ll find some of the material that we featured at our outreach events.
Each link (in orange) will take you to a page where you can download the following documents.

Myths and Misperceptions about Parkinson’s Disease

From the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF)

Parkinson Awareness Fact Sheet

Click here for a variety of booklets covering subjects such as:
Caring and Coping
Falls Prevention book
Fitness Counts
Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation
Hospital Action Plan
Managing Parkinson’s Mid-Stride: A Treatment Guide to Parkinson’s
Medications, Mind, Mood and Memory
Mood: A Mind Guide to Parkinson’s Disease
Nutrition Matters
Practical Pointers: Activities for Daily Living
Psychosis: A Mind Guide to Parkinson’s Disease
Speech and Swallowing
What You and Your Family Should Know

Click here for a variety of fact sheets (too many to list!) that include 10 Early Warning Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

Aware in Care Kit – What’s in the kit? Click here to see what each kit includes, and download the individual documents.


Movement Disorders Program



Genes, Environmental Factors (CA)