Our Community

Many people are touched by Parkinson’s and as the disease progresses and changes, so do people’s lives. There are a variety of stages and developments, with each person different, each person unique. Have you heard the saying, “If you know one person with Parkinson’s, you know one person with Parkinson’s”?

Below you’ll find some of these stages and developments that we’ve learned about or that people have asked us about. Do you see yourself or your loved one in the descriptions below? How can we help you connect with other people dealing with the same issues that you are?

People living at various stages of the disease
* Newly diagnosed
* Those who don’t wish to be “immersed in the disease”
* Middle of the journey
* Late stage

Women with PD

Mental health
* Dementia
* Depression / anxiety / apathy

Young onset (occurs prior to age 50)
* Juvenile (occurs prior to age 21)
* Young onset still in the workforce
* Young onset with dementia
* Young onset needing long term care

* Caregivers of young onset
* Family caregivers
* Male caregivers
* Female caregivers
* Professional caregivers

English as a second language

Widows / widowers
* Caregivers
* People diagnosed with Parkinson’s

Last but definitely not least . . .
support group leaders!

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