Family Caregivers

Family and Friends Who are Caregivers

Family and friends who care for someone diagnosed with Parkinson’s often consider themselves as also living with Parkinson’s. While their stresses and needs are different, their lives are often impacted to a similar degree.

Support Groups

Support groups for carepartners are popular because they give carers the opportunity to learn from each other, talk about how they are feeling, and share experiences with others who are touched by Parkinson’s. You can check out the location and contact info for support groups in Northern Virginia on our support groups page.

Fairfax County also offers Family Caregiver Support Programs. Click here to learn more about the services they offer.

Tips for Carepartners

Angela Robb, carepartner and advocate, created a wonderful tip sheet with different suggestions from what we normally see.
Click here to read Angela’s 8 Tips/Lessons for Caregivers.

For National Family Caregiver Month in November 2017 the Parkinson’s Foundation shared resources that you might find helpful. Check out their top 10 Caregiver Resources here. In October 2018 they updated their caregiver resources page – click here.

Davis Phinney Foundation offers a podcast, Advice for Parkinson’s Care Partners with Connie Carpenter Phinney. Click here to listen to it. They also offer resources and advice for care partners on their Care Partners page.

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