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“Stand Tall and Fight the Fall!” Fall Prevention Strategies for People with Parkinson Disease with Dr. Michael Braitsch PT, DPT

Saturday, September 17, 2022
10:00am – 11am EDT

If you or an older person you know has fallen, you’re not alone. More than one in three people age 65 years or older falls each year. The risk of falling—and fall-related problems—rises with age. This presentation consists of research-based strategies and “grass-roots tips” to help you reduce your risk of falls, identify and address environmental fall risks, and if you or a loved one should experience a fall, some ideas of what to do.

Michael Braitsch, PT, DPT is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, a life-long martial artist, a former amateur fighter, internationally certified fight referee, and a contributing faculty member at the University of St. Augustine School of Health Sciences in Dallas, Texas.

He founded Tribe Wellness LLC in February 2017 to change the way physical therapy is structured for people with chronic and progressive conditions, empowering people to better participate in community wellness. In addition to treating individual patients in therapy, he runs group exercise and research programs for people with Parkinson Disease that are steeped in leading evidence from physical therapy and exercise science to help people move and feel better.

Outside of patient care, research, and group programs, he serves as an advisory board member of the UT Southwestern Adaptive Sports Coalition, a board member and member of the Medical Advisory Board for the Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society, and as an advocate and presenter for the Davis Phinney Foundation and the Parkinson Foundation.

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