Dog Days of Summer are Here

Racal & Sophie

As you can see, the furry members of our household have slowed down considerably lately and I’m pretty sure the weather has something to do with it. It’s not too hard to get them up and going though – just dangle their leashes and they’re up and ready for their next adventure! We’ve found lots of things for you to do this month including an adventure camp for ages 55+, and of course, our cafes!  But first we’ll start with some inspiration . . .

Alan Alda
Did you see in the news this week that Alan Alda revealed he is living with Parkinson’s? He was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago but decided to speak up about it when he thought people might notice symptoms such as when his thumb twitches. He thought someone might do “a story about this from a sad point of view, but that’s not where I am.” His message is one of hope to other people living with Parkinson’s.

With such an emphasis on the medical side of Parkinson’s we often forget that patients are people too with families, friends, interests, skills and talents. As Alan Alda said, “You still have things you can do”. If you haven’t seen his interview on CBS This Morning, click here to check it out. I hope you are inspired and encouraged to, as he says, “take action” and “keep moving!” And check out the juggling!

A message from the Senior Center of Leesburg 
(This looks like so much fun!!)
You are invited to participate in 2nd Annual Adventure Camp for Seniors ages 55+.
Four Days- August 21-24 from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm at Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve in Leesburg.
Themes include: Birds, Butterflies, Bees and Native Plants of Virginia.
Outings include: Fishing at the Lake and A Tour of the Virginia State Arboretum.
Daily Lunch and Snacks Provided.  (Click here to see the flyer)
Indoor facility and restrooms available at the Nature Preserve.
$110 per person. Registration now through August 7, 2018.
Questions call 703-777-0209

Golden Gazette
Do you subscribe to the Golden Gazette? It’s a free monthly newsletter that you may have seen at the library or maybe you receive it in your inbox every month like I do? The September issue had a couple of articles that may be of interest to you. One is about the Access Services Library, something we heard about when Ken Plummer visited us at Cafe Fairfax back in March. There’s another article about Avoiding Tech Support Scams, and others about gardening and bears, as well as lots of announcements for classes and resources available in Fairfax County. Click here to subscribe to lots of interesting reading each month.

Fairfax 50+ E-News
This is another newsletter from Fairfax County and includes information about a number of programs and services. Click here for more information and to subscribe.

Culpeper – Cycling for Parkinson’s
Do you know anyone in the Culpeper area interested in cycling? I learned of a program offered by the Powell Wellness Center called FitScripts. Participants will require a referral from their doctor. More information on their website at

Cafe McLean next Wednesday!
We’re talking about things that we collect at our cafes this month and I’m curious to hear about other people’s collections. Because I call my balance and fall prevention program Flamingos in Training, I seem to have amassed a rather large collection of  . . . you guessed it! Flamingos! The “twins” in the photo are the two that started it all for me. I’ll bring photos and a couple of unusual flamingo-y items to show and tell. And I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing about your collections!

Hope to see you out and about soon! Maybe at Cafe McLean on Wednesday? Click here to RSVP and help us plan for lunch.


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