G’day from South Australia!

koalas in a tree

Birthday partyI’m in Adelaide to visit my mum for her 93rd birthday. She had a lovely celebration and was quite surprised that so many people knew about it and wished her a happy day. Staff at the assisted living where she lives were very kind in helping me organize a celebration on short notice. They set us up in the private dining room and the chef personally delivered the beautiful cake that she made. When friends joined us and we all sang Happy Birthday, mum had tears running down her cheeks but with the biggest smile. It truly was a happykangaroo birthday for her.

I’m staying with friends who live in the hills that surround Adelaide and it’s beautiful up here. The air smells so fresh thanks to all the gum trees and there’s lots of wildlife. We go for long walks, usually at night, and I get spooked by the possums rustling in the trees. The other day we went in the late afternoon and my friend said to keep an eye out for kangaroos. I thought she was kidding, but we did see some! They make a thumping sound when they hop and they sure can move.

Aldgate Pump hotelI’ve been participating in the many activities that mum goes to in her community. There are daily exercise classes and it was funny to see the look on the face of a physio (physical therapist) this afternoon when he spotted me sitting with the residents. Earlier today, mum and I went for a ride through the hills in the community bus with some of the residents. Everything is green from the winter rain and now there are flowering trees and talk of spring. We all enjoyed our lunch seated by the fireplace in a lovely old pub.
Elvis at Aldgate Pump hotel
Afterwards we could have our photo taken with Elvis but there weren’t many takers. And in case you’re wondering, I have no idea why Elvis was in the building.

Meanwhile back at home, Insight Memory Care Center is busy planning their fall events. Click here to check out their caregiver classes for September. Lindsey is giving community presentations on Brain Health as You Age at various venues around Fairfax county. Then save the dates for their annual Paintings and Pairings event on Thursday, October 25, and Caregiver Bootcamp on Saturday, October 27.

More news from South Australia next week when I catch up with friends at Parkinson’s SA. Hope you’re enjoying getting out and about, too!

email: Sonia@ParkinsonSocialNetwork.org

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