As Summer Comes to a Close

Florida Keys

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend holiday! It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close and the weather will soon be cooler.

Our Funny Month of August
At our Cafe Ashburn last week, and in keeping with our theme of humor, one of our friends arranged for us to view a Mary Maxwell YouTube video and we enjoyed her dry sense of humor. If you google Mary Maxwell and YouTube, you can see the various videos of her thoughts on getting old.
Click here to see the video we watched on Wednesday.
We also chatted about our favorite I Love Lucy episodes which you can also find if you search on YouTube.

I met Gretchen at the Davis Phinney Foundation Victory Summit in Philadelphia. On her flyer it says “Each one of us has a face. It is the beauty of our faces that we want others to focus on.”
“I AM” The Face Of Project
Gretchen White is a one woman non-profit, “I AM” The Face Of Project – She was taking photos at the Victory Summit for a book she is working on that will show the beautiful faces of people with Parkinson’s. Her goal for this book is to have 100 faces, but if she gets 50, she will be very happy. At the moment, she is very close.
If you or someone you know want to be a part of this project? Gretchen is asking people to send Gretchen a black and white photo of their face. Click here for a photo release form. Please make as many copies as you need.
Gretchen will also need your first name, age, date when diagnosed, country where you live, and a brief (one paragraph) about you to include.
The deadline for the book is September 30th.
If you’d like to contact Gretchen, her email address is:

Luscious Landscapes – Art Exhibition
We often talk about how Parkinson’s seems to bring out creativity in people and we have several artists joining us at our various cafes. One of our carepartner friends, Linda Bankerd, will have her paintings featured at Touchstone Gallery in D.C. from September 4 to 29.
Click here for more details about Linda’s exhibition.

A Positive Brain – podcast about Parkinson’s and PSN
I recently sat down with Toni Reinhart and Peggy Breda to record a podcast about Parkinson’s and the Parkinson Social Network. According to the description we talked about “how this grass roots organization is helping people with Parkinson’s stay connected, active and social through companionship, cafe’s and donuts!”
Click here to listen to the podcast. Click here to choose from the wide range of topics – all to do with the brain – that Peggy and Toni have covered in their other podcasts.

I hope this newsletter is helpful and we’ll see you Out & About soon! Click here to see more about our events and others in our community.


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