Online learning – Is it for you? with Dr. Stephen Ruth, Wednesday, November 17th 10am-11:30am EDT

Online Café

Online learning – Is it for you?
Wednesday, November 17th
10am-11:30am EDT

Stephen Ruth is a professor of public policy at George Mason University, specializing in technology issues associated with globalization and is director of the International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology, a grant-supported research center. He has done extensive research on distance learning and currently teaches several courses asynchronously (no face to face). 

The presentation will examine some of the important issues associated with distance learning, especially in postsecondary education, particularly some of the lessons learned in the recent shifts to virtual learning throughout the education system. Of  possible interest to the group will be some suggestions for free online college courses, many of them available from the world’s great universities. Persons with Parkinson’s may face some challenges as well as opportunities in online learning, and these will be mentioned.

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