Parkinson Social Network

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Comfort & Caring

Thank you for helping us grow

At our cafes and other social events, people in our Parkinson community can connect with each other in a safe and supportive environment. They meet people with similar interests and experiences so there’s always lots to talk about and share….

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More Events for Family Caregivers

Caring for our Caregivers luncheon

I’m writing this on Thursday morning, looking out at snow! In mid-November? Our aquatic class is canceled today because Fairfax County schools are closed, so I’m taking this opportunity to try to remember everything I wanted to share with you…

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Bowling Anyone?

we're going bowling!

This week we’ve been busy organizing our caregiver appreciation lunch. That’s tomorrow! On Monday, Parkinson Social Network will be at the Northern Virginia Dementia Care Consortium in Alexandria. I hope to see some of our friends from our Parkinson community…

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It’s Family Caregiver Month!

Family Caregiver Month

Tune in to Hear Parkinson Social Network / Fairfax 50+ podcast! Carol Barrett and I discuss what caregivers need to know about the disease, including how to find services. We also discuss the unique role the Parkinson Social Network plays…

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