Online Resources

During this time of COVID-19 and social distancing measures, there are many online offerings by various organizations within the Parkinson’s community. Below are just some of the many resources available during this time. We will continue to update this page, so please check back!

Movement or Exercise Instruction Online

Voice Practices Online

For Caregivers:

Webinars & Educational Programs

  • Archived Webinars from The Davis Phinney Foundation
  • Wellness Wednesdays – Each Wednesday at Noon EDT – Check our Facebook at noon to watch doctors discuss issues important to the Parkinson’s community. Archives of these online events are located at this link. – Parkinson Foundation
  • Parkinson Society British Columbia Various dates and times for educational seminars for those living with Parkinson’s and caregivers.
  • Archived Webinars from the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA)
  • Parkinson Association of the Rockies – Archived and upcoming Webinars
  • Dr. Gilbert Hosts Series:  Dr. Rebecca Gilbert will be hosting Q&A sessions with various experts via Zoom on Mondays. There will be expert discussion, followed by Q&A with attendees. (April 20 (time TBD): Dr. Gilbert Hosts: COVID-19 & the Underserved with Dr. Natalie Diaz and Rosa Pena, MSW. Part of this program will be translated into Spanish, April 27, 12pm ET: Dr. Gilbert Hosts: DBS & COVID-19 with Dr. Jill Ostrem, May 4 (time TBD): Dr. Gilbert Hosts: Medication Management & COVID-19 with Cathi Thomas) – APDA
  • Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation (NWPF) – List of online resources available.

Hobbies, Arts, & Entertainment

Covid-19/Coronavirus Information

New Articles from People Living with Parkinson’s:

Parkinson’s Diva Secret to Stress Free Living During Pandemic: By M. De Leon by defeatparkinsons

A Balancing act:Life, medicines and Pd by Maria De Leon by defeatparkinsons

A Very Different Parkinson’s Awareness Month!
by Karl Robb

Ejercicios de alta intensidad para personas con enfermedad de Parkinson

by defeatparkinsons

Different kind of hero : by S. Krisher by defeatparkinsons

Articles of Interest from Parkinson Organizations:

Parkinson’s Podcasts & Webinars/lectures

World Parkinson Coalition

Michael J Fox Parkinson’s Foundation   podcast | webinars

Parkinson’s Foundation “Substantial Matters”  |   Expert Briefings webinars

Parkinson’s Life – A voice for the international Parkinson’s Community

Parkinson’s Voice Project lectures

Other local podcasts

Fairfax 50+
For a list of all Fairfax county podcasts go to

Peggy Breda, Founder & Owner of A Family Tie, LLC and Toni Reinhart, Owner of Positive Dementia Care Training, LLC. host The Positive Brain.  Join us them as they talk about what it takes to see the positive side and share our insight, humor, tools and tips with our guests.

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