Out & About – Cafe Ashburn 2.21.18

We were fortunate that Marney Kennedy could visit our Café Ashburn this morning, bringing us a sampling of what we might see if we visit the National Gallery of Art, and leading us in a conversation about how artists see the world. We enjoyed hearing some of the stories behind the paintings, and art history, too. Having seen Marney Talking Art twice now, I thought it was interesting to hear the variety of comments based on each individual’s experiences, and how we relate these experiences to what we’re seeing. Thank you Marney, for sharing your love and appreciation for art. Afterwards, Marney talked about some of the many programs offered at the National Gallery of Art. One of our friends suggested that he would like her to talk about Modern Art, and we hope we can entice Marney back to our cafés to talk about this different perspective sometime soon.

In March, we’ll be talking about books and libraries. We are working on bringing you information about access services offered by the libraries, and someone from Fairfax county libraries to visit our Fairfax café. If you are having difficulty reading and have suggestions for a work around, please send them to me and I’ll share them at our cafés. Better yet, how about if you came and shared them in person – we’d love for you to join us!

Cafés in March:   Fairfax – March 12        Ashburn – March 21


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Thrive: Supporting People With Parkinson’s Through Yoga Therapeutics

Carolyn Bagdoyan, the yoga therapist who visited Café Fairfax in October has created a program to support people with Parkinson’s. It is a specialized, intimate program to designed to help build a toolbox of techniques to apply to the unique needs of each participant–to help respond to “what shows up” each day–whether the need is to manage energy, uplift mood, reduce anxiety, alleviate body tension, or build greater internal physical balance, stamina and support.

The program will use a unique combined format of private sessions and supportive small-sized community classes to help participants nurture a personal customized self-care practice. The community classes will include time to review and reinforce what each student is working on with their customized program so that the practices can become more integrated and supported in daily life.

For more information contact:
Carolyn Bagdoyan, RYT 200, LFYP
Heart Tree Yoga LLC, www.hearttreeyoga.com

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