New Loudoun Clinic for Inova Movement Disorder Specialists

I’m delighted to share this news, particularly for people in Loudoun county and surrounding areas. We’ve heard from Dr. Falconer that the Inova Movement Disorders Program will open their new Loudoun multidisciplinary clinic on Friday, April 20, with the goal of improving access to specialty Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders care. It will be open every other Friday, rotating between Dr. Rogers and Dr. Falconer, and will be based out of the outpatient Inova Rehab center next to Inova Loudoun hospital.

Current patients may want to follow up with their doctor at this new location but Dr. Falconer and Dr. Rogers also want to ensure that the clinic is open to new patients who otherwise could not make the journey to Fairfax.

If you would like an evaluation (medical and PT/OT/SLT or just medical) please call their office to schedule and ask for Michelle 703-845-1500.

The Inova Movement Disorder Specialists are giving a presentation in Leesburg on Thursday, April 19.
Click here for more information.
If you tried to RSVP before and were unsuccessful, please try again as they’ve made corrections to the system.

2 Comments on “New Loudoun Clinic for Inova Movement Disorder Specialists

    • Sorry, Debbie, this blog post is from 2018. There were plans for a clinic in Loudoun but they fell through. There are new plans, though, so if you are a patient, I would suggest that you ask them.

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