As Parkinson’s Awareness Month 2018 comes to a close

This has been a busy month! But we enjoyed welcoming new friends to our cafes, both new ones and those that were already established. We’re working on programs for the coming months and we’ll keep you updated both here on our website and through our e-newsletter, Out & About with Parkinson’s. You can sign up for it at the top of the sidebar on the right hand side of this page!

Cafe Ashburn
We had a lovely turn out for our new day of the month and time for Cafe Ashburn on Wednesday. We munched on sandwiches and cookies provided by our hosts, the Tribute at One Loudoun, and talked about all kinds of things to make living with Parkinson’s just a little bit easier. A couple of people sent me links for their tips to share with you:

1. If you’re having trouble staying upright in a chair, for instance at the dinner table, sit on a triangle shaped foam cushion. The deep side should be at the front of the chair to lift your knees and that keeps you from sliding! You can have the triangle cushion custom made – click here for the website.

2. At the presentation last Thursday by Doctors Rogers and Falconer, they mentioned that you can work with some of the pharmaceutical companies and they will set up a program for your medications that is more cost effective. Here are 3 links that were sent to me to share with you by a gentleman who is using them and benefiting from substantial discounts: Rytary, Mirapex ER, Amantadine 

Andy Butler comes to town
A world traveler for Parkinson’s from the U.K. visited Northern Virginia this week on his way to the Parkinson’s Unity Walk in New York City on Saturday, April 28. Andy is the founder of Parkinson’s People, an independent online community on Facebook that connects people from all over the world. Click here to read an article about it on Parkinson’s Life. Andy is also involved with Radio Parkies. There’s another article about Andy on the Parkinson’s Women page – click here to read.
Come back and visit us again soon Andy!


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