A New Look for our Website

Parkinson Social Network

Parkinson Social Network has a new website!

I’m excited to announce that our new website is up! Our intention is for it to be constantly evolving as we share with you information about events, resources and services. Our focus is less on the medical, and more about how to make the most of our lives day to day.

We hope that you’ll check out our website when you have questions like these:
How do I stay active?
Check out our Keep Moving page to find local exercise classes or how you can enjoy Dance for PD® in your own home.
• Where is my nearest cafe?
Check out our Cafes page for locations and what they’re about.
• Where are the support groups in Northern Virginia?
Listed by county on our Support Groups page! There’s also a comprehensive list for support groups in other parts of Virginia.
• Looking for a list of books about Parkinson’s?
Angela Robb has kindly donated a list that she compiled for our For Your Bookshelf page.
• What kind of government assistance is available?
We’ve started a page listing resources and services offered by the various levels of government on our County/State/U.S. Gov’t page.

We’d love your help to build our website into the go-to resource for the Parkinson community. If there’s something you’re looking for and are unable to find, or if you’ve found a particular resource helpful and want to share with others . . . please contact me and we’ll do our best to include it.

Dr. James Parkinson tulips for your garden next spring

SomeDr. James Parkinson Tulip background: Around 1980, J.W.S. Van der Wereld, a Dutch horticulturalist with PD, developed this red and white tulip which he named the ‘Dr. James Parkinson’ tulip. In 2005, the red tulip was launched as the worldwide symbol of Parkinson’s disease. Variations of the red tulip are now used by many Parkinson’s disease organizations worldwide.

Click here to purchase Dr. James Parkinson tulips from the nonprofit Maine Parkinson Society. Your tulip bulbs will ship directly from the Netherlands and will arrive in mid-September, just in time for planting.
Order by July 1st for designated orders. Orders received in July and August are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Thank you Diane Sherman from Dartmouth-Hitchcock for permission to share this information about these special tulips from your newsletter!
Here’s Diane’s contact info:
Diane L. Sherman, Coordinator,
The Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Resource Center
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Please contact Diane at Diane.L.Sherman@hitchcock.org to sign-up for her weekly e-newsletter.

Hope to see you Out & About soon!

email: Sonia@ParkinsonSocialNetwork.org

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