Summertime is Travel Time

Now that summer is well under way, quite a few of our friends are out and about in other states and countries. This past week I’ve been enjoying hearing from a group of ladies who are exploring British Columbia and Alberta on the Rocky Mountaineer. This is particularly special to me as I toured much of the same area 40 years ago. I’ve been looking at old family photos and wondering how the scenery has changed for my friends. They tell me it is still quite spectacular and I’m looking forward to hearing about their adventures. Back then I had just moved to Edmonton, Alberta, and our intrepid traveler friend from the U.K, Andy (he visited us here in Northern Virginia in April) visited Edmonton this week. I’m having fun seeing the photos of one of my home towns that he’s posting on Facebook.

The photo above is one my mother took as we were leaving a town on our trip in 1968. She just thought the sign was the funniest thing and had to take a photo of it. Back then, she used a camera, and film had to be developed and color was more expensive than black and white. Do you remember those days? I really love the convenience of being able to capture memories with my phone.

Which leads me to our theme this month at most of our cafes – travel! Last summer when we talked about travel, I collected all kinds of great tips which I posted on our website on our Traveling With Parkinson’s page. I’m looking forward to hearing from you again this month and adding lots more tips and suggestions! Let’s have some fun by wearing your favorite t-shirt or hat from a special place you’ve been. Or do you have a couple of special travel photos you’d like to share and tell us the stories behind them?

Local Rising Star
The other day when I was out running errands, I happened to glance up at the TV screen and saw a familiar face. Sure enough, it was Chuck Linderman, a gentleman who joins us at Cafe Alexandria. Chuck was profiled as a Rising Star on local TV station WJLA and this news piece shows how he keeps moving by rowing on the Anacostia River. Click here to see the video. Thanks for the inspiration, Chuck!

Volunteers Sought
I’ve been sent information about a Parkinson’s Technology Pilot that might be of interest to you. Please click here to check out the NewTouch Digital flyer and for contact information.

Hope to see you out and about soon! Will it be at Cafe McLean next Wednesday?


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