Speaking of Exercise . . .

Where did Out & About go this week?

Cafe Ashburn – June 27
Every time I hear the word EXERCISE I wash my mouth out with chocolate.We enjoyed another yummy lunch with donuts (especially appreciated) and sandwiches provided by our hosts at the Tribute at One Loudoun. The conversation centered mostly around the different ways people stay active and keep moving – some were with Parkinson specific exercise classes and therapy, but many others weren’t. In a couple of cases, people were at either end of the moving process, and were experiencing the difficulties of a change in routine. We’ve talked about exercise at all our cafes this month because of our icebreaker question and I was happy to hear that people not only realize the importance of staying active but even enjoy it!

Rock Steady Boxing NoVaSpeaking of exercise . . . Boxing! Alec at Rock Steady Boxing NoVa is organizing a class in Loudoun County (Ashburn, Sterling or Dulles). He’s creating a waiting list, so if you’re interested in attending a class in this area, please contact Alec at 571.730.8553 or nova@rsbaffiliate.com.

Inova’s Movement Disorders team – June 20
Last night I attended an education session with the Doctors Rogers and Falconer. We were introduced to PDCoach, a “new app that uses innovative artificial intelligence to provide you with ongoing support.” While the audience was working out how to download the app, the doctors answered questions. One question was about what other medical professionals should people include on their team apart from a movement disorder specialist? Suggestions were for the three kinds of therapists – physical, speech, and occupational – as well as seeing specialists for gastrointestinal issues and mood. However, your movement disorder specialist would be able to recommend what kind of specialists to add to your team, and to oversee treatment for all.

And if you’re finding it difficult to get out . . .
DanceForPDDance for PD® has released it’s latest monthly streamed class! The June 2018 class is taught by Mark Morris Dance Group company members Sam Black and Lesley Garrison. Click here to view and move to the music. If you enjoyed this class, click here to check out their archive for more!

Hope to see you out and about soon!Happy Independence Day

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