Bowling Anyone?

we're going bowling!

This week we’ve been busy organizing our caregiver appreciation lunch. That’s tomorrow! On Monday, Parkinson Social Network will be at the Northern Virginia Dementia Care Consortium in Alexandria. I hope to see some of our friends from our Parkinson community there, too. On Wednesday afternoon, we’ll be throwing heavy round objects at defenseless wooden pins. Repeatedly. A.K.A. bowling!

Ashburn cafe
On Tuesday, I visited the Ashburn support group at Ashby Ponds. The speaker was a resident who spoke about Advance Directives and the forms she had completed – Virginia Medical Advance Directive form, and the 5 Wishes as a supplement because she could go into more detail. I felt how she would like to be remembered in her obituary was especially touching. It was “She tried to become the person she wanted to be.”

Alan Alda and Michael J. Fox Swap Stories about Living with Parkinson’s
Alan Alda's Clear & Vivid podcastTuesday, November 13
Award-winning actor Alan Alda — who recently disclosed he has been living with Parkinson’s for several years — sat down and chatted with Michael J. Fox for the Season Two premiere of Alda’s “Clear + Vivid” podcast, available to download on November 13.

In this casual conversation about their individual experiences with Parkinson’s, Michael and Alan swap stories about the similarities and differences in their shared disease, their tactics for managing symptoms, their experiences sharing a diagnosis with family and friends, and ways for anyone to get involved in research. Click here on November 13th to listen in!

POE Women for PD
Poe Wellness Solutions is excited to offer POE Women for PD (Partnering Optimizing and Empowering Women for PD) supported by a grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation. Through funds raised by Moving Day® North Carolina, a walk for Parkinson’s, Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching is offered at no charge to women living with PD. Participants are referred to the program through The Movement Disorders Center at The University of North Carolina Hospitals and the Division of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders at Duke University Health System. Both programs are Parkinson’s Foundation Centers of Excellence. For more information, visit or contact Meg Poe at or 919-998-8538.
Thank you, Angela for sharing information about this program! Angela also mentioned, “The program is over the phone and does not say you have to be in NC or SC to participate!” Click here for the direct link to the website.

Alzheimer’s Authors
Thank you, Angela (again!) for sharing this website. It’s In a recent post they wrote, “AlzAuthors is built by caregivers for caregivers, with a mission to provide carefully vetted books and blogs to help you find the answers and guidance you need. The majority of our authors have “walked the walk” with a parent, spouse, or other loved one,” Click here to check out their blog post National Caregiver Appreciation Month Book Sale & Giveaway.

Hoping to see you out and about soon! How about a fun afternoon of bowling next Wednesday, November 14? Click here to register – it will help us with planning.


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