Dance reminder, March cafes, & a new kind of support group!

Dance for PD

Dance for PD® news
Dance for PDEarlier in February we announced that Dance for PD® is coming to town, and I wanted to let you know that there are still spaces available. It’s a free class, and lots of fun, so I hope if you’ve been hesitating you’ll reconsider and check it out tomorrow. No dance experience is required for this movement class for Parkinson people and their families, friends, and care partners. Led by teaching artists from the Mark Morris Dance Group, you’ll explore movement and music in a non-pressured, social environment.
You can register online at
or by phone at 1-800-957-1046, ext. 5.

Latest Dance for PD® streamed class is now online
Anyone can join these classes from the comfort of their home! This particular class is taught by Pamela Quinn. Click here to view and participate in Pamela’s class. There’s a new class available every month, usually with a different teacher, too. To check out their archive and keep on movin’ to the music click here.

PD Movement Lab
Through Dance for PD®’s latest email, I learned about PD Movement Lab, begun in 2006 by Pamela Quinn. The website includes a blog “. . . offering people with Parkinson’s imaginative and practical mobility tips, that they can put to immediate use.” I had a quick look through the blog posts and there are some fascinating articles. Click here to check out the PD Movement Lab website.

At our cafes in March
The topic this month is – what keeps you organized?
Maria Spetalnik of Conquer the Clutter fame will be visiting all 3 of our cafes to join in on our conversations. We’ll share ideas with each other and with Maria.

Maria also has another business called Calming Quilts. She’ll talk with us about the benefits of tactile quilts and show us some samples.

Clinton Wutzke will be visiting our cafes in Alexandria and Fairfax to talk about the latest Parkinson movement studies at the Department of Rehablitation Science at GMU. We enjoyed his visit to Cafe Ashburn this week.

Speaking of organizing and downsizing . . .
Did you know that Fairfax County has it’s own TV channel? It’s channel 16. Some of the subjects on Channel 16 are Public Meetings, County Magazine, Check It Out (library), and Mature Living. It’s Mature Living that I think might be of special interest to you. The most recent show is on downsizing and if you watch it, you might see a familiar face! It features our friend, Nancy Fiedelman, in her role as Elder Care Consultant.
Click here to see the show on Downsizing.
Click here to go to the Mature Living page and check out their other shows.

New kind of Parkinson’s support group starting up inside the Beltway
I’m excited to announce that we are in the process of creating a new kind of support group! It will actually be two support groups – one for caregivers and one for Parkinson people – each in their own space next to each other. The one for Parkinson people will lean more toward activities and being interactive than the usual kind of support group. More information to come, but here’s what we have so far:

What?   Side by Side Support Groups
             For those with Parkinson’s and those who care
When? Beginning April 10, the second Wednesday of each month
Where? Virginia Hospital Center – Carlin Springs campus
Organizers? This is a joint effort of your Parkinson Social Network and Old Dominion Home Care.

If you are interested in participating and/or helping us organize these programs, please contact me at or call 571-286-5000. It will help us with planning to hear from you if you’re interested in participating, and to hear from you about what you’d like see in a program like this.

Hope to see you out and about again soon!


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