Meditation Courses & Articles Written by Authors with Parkinson’s

The News!

As we are all finding new ways to support each other during these days, many folks are using the Internet to reach out and support one another. We hope you may find some comfort or support in one of the offerings below.
We are doing our best not to fill your inbox however, we are trying to keep you informed of items that may be of interest! 🙂

5-Day Morning Meditation with Martha Brettschneider
Time: 7:00 – 7:30 am Eastern Time
Dates: Monday, March 23 – Friday March 27, 2020
Cost: Free!
Start your day with intention, clarity, and a dose of calm in this free 5-day conference call program. Martha will guide the group through a ten-minute meditation then we’ll open the line for discussion. 
For more information, click this link.

Newly Added! 30-Day Mindfulness Meditation Program for COVID-19 Support with Martha Brettschneider
6:45 – 7:15 am Eastern Time Monday
Dates: Monday, March 30 – Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Cost: $97.00
Since COVID-19 canceled Martha’s April travel plans and teaching events, I am able to add an additional 30-Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge for my Eastern time zone early birds.
For more information, click this link.

Three Interesting and Inspiring Articles by People Living with Parkinson’s

Maintaining our cool in the midst of chaos by Parkinson’s Diva – Maria De Leon 
– An interesting article which is in a Q&A format addressing how to keep our heads during this uncertainty.

Keeping calm when “The sky is falling” by Sheryl Jedlinski
-Author who shares her wisdom on how to keep calm.

Spread Love, Compassion, Care, and Kindness-Not the Virus! by Karl Robb
-Author and Parkinson Social Network board member Karl Robb provides some ideas of activities to try while homebound.

Last but not Least!

Our colleagues at the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation ( published their newsletter this past week that has lots of resources, archived webinars and information:

The inclusion of announcements, logos or website links included in this newsletter or on our website does not constitute an endorsement by the Parkinson Social Network of the products, programs or services.

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