August Staying Connected Newsletter

Just a reminder that all in-person support events have been suspended due to the COVID-19 /Coronavirus pandemic.  To support our Parkinson’s community, PSN offers online (via Zoom) support options each month:

August Schedule Changes

This August, Parkinson Social Network will be having only one support event (see below) to give our volunteers some much needed rest and relaxation time!

Calls to our phone number and emails will still be open and answered!

Have a fantastic August!

Watch & Discuss: Conversation with Neurologist & Movement Disorder Specialist,
Dr. Randolph Stephenson

Wednesday, August 17
10:00am-11:30am ET

Watch a recording of a conversation with Dr. Stephenson & PSN board members Karl and Angela Robb. 
Listen in on a candid discussion between a person with Parkinson’s disease, a carepartner/caregiver, and a neurologist / movement disorder specialist. The conversation covers many different topics: self-care, coping with a diagnosis, finding support, developing a care team, importance of having a Movement Disorder Specialist in treating Parkinson’s disease, telemedicine, motor symptoms vs non-motor symptoms, mental health and mood challenges in Parkinson’s, stress, exercise, and more! After this 50 minute video, there will be a volunteer lead discussion.

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Did You Know?
We are Here to Help!
Are you searching for a resource or more information about Parkinson’s?

Parkinson Social Network volunteers can help! Call our office at 571-286-5000 or send us email at

Parkinson Social Network is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. With no paid staff, we are a volunteer led organization with each volunteer having a personal connection to Parkinson’s disease.

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