Working and Living with Parkinson’s

I subscribe to the European Parkinson’s Disease Association newsletters, and follow them through social media as well. (Above graphic courtesy of their Facebook page). This article caught my attention because of the seemingly growing number of people living with Parkinson’s who are still working. Their issues and needs are quite different from people who are retired, and highlights how living with Parkinson’s is so unique to each individual.
So for those of you who are working and living with Parkinson’s, this one’s for you.

What happens in your working life if you have Parkinson’s?
Click here to read the article that discusses these issues:
• Working with Parkinson’s
• When should I tell my employer and colleagues?
• Who can help and how can I help myself?
• Work and caring

Local news: Pickleball Over Parkinson’s?
Did you see this article in The Connection – a local newspaper? (Click here)
It’s about a local gentleman living with Parkinson’s, who along with his wife, plays pickleball regularly at an Arlington community center, as well as in tournaments. He is also competing in the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics. Way to go, Andy! Keep Moving!

2020 Caregiver Cruise with Insight Memory Care Center (IMCC)
When? February 20 – 29, 2020
Where? Departing Baltimore, 8-night trip to Nassau, CocoCay, Port Canaveral and Charleston
We know it can be difficult to travel when your loved one has memory impairment, but we all still need a vacation! Caregivers are welcome to come by yourself or with your loved one with early stage memory loss.
One cruiser shared:
“This turned out to be the happiest trip – vacation – I’ve ever had in my life… all the people were so much fun, I feel like everybody that’s on the cruise with us is now like one family.”
IMCC will provide support during excursions, and respite during days at sea. Personal care assistance cannot be provided by IMCC. IMCC can also help arrange for respite care at home, if needed. Interested? Click here to read more on their flyer.

Parkinson Social Network’s Annual Caregiver Appreciation Luncheon – November 9
We’ve made a lot of progress in our plans for this event in the past week and it’s really going to be something special! So to all you family care-givers and care-partners out there, I hope you can join us!
Click here to check out our web page for details, and RSVP today. We have limited seating and your early response will really help us with planning.

I hope this newsletter is helpful and we’ll see you Out & About soon! Will we see you at Cafe Ashburn? Susan Kousek from Balanced Spaces will visit us! Details on our cafes web page.


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